New Feature: Subscribe to Reasonable Answers for No Fuss, No Muss Updates

Since I will only be able to offer on average a new post once a week (it’s hard to find a continuous stretch of time to research and format my thoughts with a 15 month old boy underfoot!) and it might be too much to expect people to keep checking here for updates, I’ve added an extremely convenient e-mail subscription feature.  Enter your e-mail addy in the box under “Feed Subscription” on the left side of the page (under the hand holding the Earth) and follow the instructions in the pop-up box that will appear, and then whenever a new entry is posted on Reasonable Answers you will receive an e-mail.  Again, since new posts will appear only about once every week, I promise that I will not flood your e-mail box with stuff!  You can then click on a link in the e-mail to come to Reasonable Answers to see the full entry (with images and proper layout) and also to post comments.

Another convenient way to keep up with Reasonable Answers is to subscribe to the RSS Feed using a reader.  Clicking on the Feed-24x24 button under “Feed Subscription” (or right in this post!) will open up a new page where you can add the Reasonable Answers feed to a reader of your choice.  For those of you who may be unfamiliar with RSS feeds, I would recommend trying out Google Reader.  If you have a Gmail (or Google anything) account, then you are already signed up to use Reader, and the interface will be very familiar to you.  Here’s a good introduction on “How to Get Started with Google Reader”.

Thank you to those who have given me feedback on this blog.  Your continued support and prayer for this ministry is greatly appreciated!  And please continue to get the word out, and share the information you learn with others.  My next entry will provide an in-depth look at the trial of Galileo and the issue of heliocentrism versus geocentrism.  The trial of Galileo is often seen as the “best” example of how the church interfered with the progress of science in the past, but is the debate over whether the sun or the Earth was at the center of the solar system really a case of science versus religion?  Stay tuned!

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