Evolution or Design?

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Evolution or Design? You decide!

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  1. ed said...

    Evolution, I'm not that idealistic.
    Design wins again!

  2. Terence said...

    design is cooler

  3. B Gudgel said...

    Design, for sure!

    Probably an amateur question, but is it possible for evolution to be somewhat true - survival of fittest, species adaptations, the way we build ideas society to society, stuff like that?

    Obviously, I don't think we come from monkeys, but can it be half true without compromising our belief in God? It seems like there has been evidence supporting aspects of evolution in nature - like the actual meaning of the word rather than Darwin's leaps of faith beyond the evidence he found on the Galapagos Islands...

    Curious, educate me! :)


  4. Kendalf said...

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I've been neglecting to put up new posts because I've been so involved in actual debates with people lately. But that means that I have much more to share, as soon as I get the chance to actually format it and present it in a clearer manner!

    Let me try to briefly answer Danielle's question:

    First, I think that you're doing the right thing in drawing distinctions on evolution, which can carry such a broad range of meanings! I find that many disagreements between people, in science, theology, and relationships, occur because the people involved have different meanings assigned to the words being used.

    Generally, I think that there are no reasons, scientific or religious, not to agree with microevolution, which is what gives us antibiotic resistant bacteria, much of the produce in our supermarkets, and variation within a species (eg. Darwin's finches and Chihuahua's to Great Danes). There seems to be ample evidence that microevolution occurs, and Christians can consider this to be a testament to the innate ability to adapt to changing environments and situations that God gave to living beings.

    It is when we talk about "macroevolution," variation from species to species, that there is a range of differing opinions.

    This may come as a surprise, but I do not believe that Christians must necessarily reject Darwinian evolution on the basis of their faith, except for perhaps holding the line that humans are a unique and direct creation by God. Several prominent Christian scientists are also staunch evolutionists, such as Francis Collins and Kenneth Miller. I don't believe that they are being inconsistent in believing that God could have brought about life as we know it through evolutionary processes.

    On the other hand, Intelligent Design, which is the primary scientific alternative to evolution, counts among its proponents atheists and agnostics in addition to theists. Where ID proponents disagree with evolutionists is on the scientific evidence for either position.

    Thus, the disagreement over Darwinian evolution is not a religious debate, but a scientific one, and thus should be settled on the basis of the scientific evidence. That debate is currently ongoing, but in my personal opinion I think that in the last 15 or so years ID has been building up a stronger and stronger case against Darwinian evolution.

    I'm hoping that sometime in the near future I can present some of the key issues from the ID and evolution debate on this blog. But let me know anytime if you have some other questions!

  5. bob said...

    If I am not mistaen, one of God's attributes is that he is present in His creation at all times, immanance? Has this been proposed as a bridge between the scientific findings that seem to be problems for Christian teachings or have I misunderstood the concept?

  6. Joowan Park said...


  7. James said...

    In my opinion, evolution by design.

  8. Ben Yung said...

    Design is definitely the answer. I believe this since just looking outside at nature proves to me that God designed everything. The birds, the trees, the sky, and especially human beings are made intricately in Gods image. There is no way that all of us just merely happened. God has a special purpose for every single one of us.

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