mere Creation Teaser

I've been stretching myself thin with a variety of projects and activities, with the result being that I've not had the time to post some of the things that I've been meaning to put on reasonable answers. I've been having an interesting exchange with Andrew in response to the post on Addressing "A Grievous Intellectual Sin". Part of the dialogue reminded me of a bumper sticker slogan that I came across awhile ago:

Science flies you to the moon (slogan)

Let me quickly point out that it wasn't anything in the tone of our discussion -- which has been cordial and positive in many respects -- that reminded me of this slogan. It was simply a contrast between science and religion that was brought up which led me to recall this extreme example of this contrast. I'm hoping to share my thoughts on the statement in my next post.

I just want to offer a tiny teaser for one of the other projects that has been percolating. This project is very much in the preliminary stages, and I won't say much more other than to show the following image:

God Created

I hope you will stay tuned for more to come!

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