Reclaiming the Christian Roots of Modern Science

Last November I had the privilege of giving a seminar at the Anaheim ACSI teacher’s conference. The seminar was titled “Reclaiming the Christian Roots of Modern Science,” and it was directed at science and theology teachers. Now the content of my talk will be nothing new to readers of this blog, as it is covered in full and with even greater detail in my entries on the Caricaturing of Christians in Science, the “Conflict Thesis” between Science and Christianity, the Flat Earth myth, and my most recent post on Galileo against the Scientists.

However, I thought it might be helpful for some if I posted links to downloadable versions of both the handout and the Powerpoint slideshow I used for this talk, as it provides this content in a formatted and readily presentable manner.  Please feel free to download these files and use them or share them however you like, so long as they are used to further the cause of Christ!  The files are stored on, which is an online repository for documents—sort of a “Youtube” for sharing documents. Here are the links to the files:

Reclaiming the Christian Roots of Modern Science Handout

Reclaiming the Christian Roots of Modern Science Powerpoint slideshow

I do want to give credit to a site called Sword & Spirit for the template I used for the slideshow. This is an incredible site with great resources on issues such as science and faith, ethics, pro-life points, and more. They have a large number of downloadable pamphlets and Powerpoint and Keynote slideshows that they make available for free. Highly recommended!

May these resources be helpful in your ministry of teaching to those you come in contact with!

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  1. Mike Wanous said...

    Ken: Thanks for this great site! It is very clear and helpful.

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