Can Natural Selection Do This?

An update to the previous post on the intelligent prank Harvey Mudd students pulled on the Victoria’s Secret Pink Collegiate Collection competition. Here are the current standings (click on the image to view the full size screen cap):

HMC - Victorias Secret Pink Competition

HMC is still in the lead, of course, though now with over 2 million votes. But now the first letter of the top 23 schools spells out something that has even broader appeal to all Mudders (I was a Southie myself for part of my time at Mudd, and remember being blasted awake more than once by West Dorm antics). They also included a friendly shout-out to their little rival in Pasadena.

So can natural selection do this? But of course! Since intelligence carries significant fitness value, survival of the fittest dictates that it is only natural that the most intelligent will rise to the top.

Thanks to JF (who I’m going to assume is a fellow Mudder) for bringing this to my attention and for providing the up to date screencap.

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